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ARES, Inc. logo and the MGS, SMAW and the75mm XM274 on a LAV
Testing of a SMAW Rocket
ARES, Inc. is a High Technology Engineering and Manufacturing Company engaged in weapon systems design, development, manufacturing and testing. Since it’s establishment in 1971, ARES has participated in a variety?of programs ranging from small arms to medium and large caliber automatic cannon and artillery systems. These programs have included weapon development as well as advanced concepts in ammunition design.
 Test Firing
ARES is located on the shore of Lake Erie midway between Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio. The facility is situated in Lake Erie Business Park and is serviced by both rail and excellent roads. ARES is located just off of Ohio Route 2 and approximately 12 miles North of the Ohio Turnpike.

ARES test range covers 642 acres of dry land and diked marshland. The lake impact area extends 12,000 meters out from firing bays and has airspace up to 7,000 meters. Four earth-covered magazines provide ammunition and explosive storage.

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